I’m young I’m young and in love!

As a freshman in high school I was voted to be a representative for our Winter Formal dance – a real honor, I know. All representatives were required to have an escort to accompany them to the dance. So I asked a few girls; one couldn’t come, one turned me down – ouch. And then it

The coffee shop

I love my job. I’m 18 years old; how many 18 year olds can say they love their job? A little over a year ago my family-friend/boss asked me to work at the coffee shop she was opening. My response? Hell. Yes. Her follow-up question was to ask me if I had any recommendations of… Continue reading The coffee shop

Why I’m grateful for soccer

Fresh out of the shower, I can vividly recall memories of tonight’s game – not to mention a throbbing bruise on my right buttcheek. Thank you for that, Hudson. Sophomore year I picked up soccer out of the blue, and gosh dammit, it was a great decision, too. Over the years I have loved playing… Continue reading Why I’m grateful for soccer

Great coffee with an even better friend

Every morning I wake up early to go to the coffee shop before school with Braeden. Waking up earlier than I typically would, I get to experience a beautiful sunrise streaming over the trees, as well as an exhilarating breath of fresh air – I swear, I could upload a separate post just about the freshness of… Continue reading Great coffee with an even better friend

Cameron, my best friend, yes he gets my first post.

I am grateful for this kid. God dammit he is awesome. He’s been my best friend since pre school and most likely will be my best friend until I die. This photo was taken at the coffee shop I work at  (I know, it’s awesome. I’ll write about it later.) He’s ruggedly handsome and hilariously… Continue reading Cameron, my best friend, yes he gets my first post.